Gay NGO pushes for same-sex marriage

The Gay-Lesbian Info Center (GLIC) NGO has asked for the Serbian Constitution to be changed to include a new definition of marriage.

GLIC wants the country’s highest legal act to stop defining marriage as union between man and woman, and instead allow for same-sex marriage.
“We believe that change is important, in order to leave the possibility for the gay-lesbian community in Serbia to, one day, when it’s ready, legalize same-sex marriages, without making new changes to the Constitution,” a statement from the NGO said.

The organization added that it was necessary to change Article 21 of the Constitution to define discrimination based on sexual orientation as illegal, “because that was the only thing not listed”.

“We hope that political parties that advocate equality and human rights will consider our proposals and show they care about the equality of all the citizens of Serbia,” the statement concluded.

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