Gay organization’s page removed from Wikipedia

BELGRADE — The Gay and Lesbian Info Center (GLIC) stated that its page on the Serbian Wikipedia website was erased on July 1.

The reason for the deletion was that it is not a “relevant organization.”

This occurred just as President Boris Tadić met with a delegation of the Gay and Lesbian Organization of Serbia, GLIC states.

“GLIC does not want to interfere in the editorial policies of Serbian Wikipedia, but we are concerned because there are any gay and lesbian sites on the Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia. This is not the first time that Serbian Wikipedia has deleted pages dedicated to the GLBT population,” GLIC stated.

GLIC called on Serbian Wikipedia to deal with “the homophobia in its ranks” and called on all those dealing with GLBT topics to publish their documents on the Serbian Wikipedia in order to contribute to knowledge and information on the GLBT population.